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Team Artemisia

Nicole Calhoun

Nicole is a cofounder of Artemisia Nursery. She loves plants, animals, good books, and great food. When she's not at the nursery you can find her hiking in the Angeles, playing bass with Sage Against the Machine, or developing her (currently rudimentary) surfing skills. 


Carl Harders

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Eleanor is a plant and people enthusiast, focused on healing relations with the earth. She enjoys playing outside with friends, building soil health, activating urban green spaces, and making and dancing to music. You can usually find her basking in either the sun, the mud, the wind, or the water––or, ideally, simultaneously all four. If she were a plant, she'd probably be a sunflower.

Mary Lou Vernin

Marylou enjoys learning about plants, habitats and the amazing animals within them. She recently celebrated her one year anniversary at Artemisia Nursery––prior to working here she did not have much native plant knowledge but it has been a wonderful hands-on learning experience with the Artemisia family. She looks forward to learning so much more!


Drew Fournier

Drew is a student of nature in the broadest sense. He finds joy in taking the time to try to understand why living things act the way they do, because he has a hunch they act that way for a reason. In his spare time he particularly enjoys reading books that employ magical realism.


Evan Kilmartin

Evan is a stoic go-lucky plant enthusiast with a dry sense of humor who's mystified by the intricacies of nature and her awesome vastness! Born in San Francisco, he's walked through dirty cities, high mountains, fragrant foothills, wine country vineyards, alongside creeks, and foggy coastlines all around California. Some of his favorite plants include Hummingbird Sage, Elderberry, Datura, Incense Cedar, and Coast Live Oak. His musical taste ranges from Mozart to Don Cherry to Elizabeth Cotten, Kraftwerk, and MF Doom. He enjoys motorcycles, drawing pictures, photography, and the likes, all of which figure in to his work for an BFA in Studio Arts from CalArts.



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Drew Fournier

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

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