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What does 'Artemisia' mean to us? In Latin/ scientific terms, Artemisia is the genus name of a diverse and beautiful band of plants found within the daisy family Asteraceae. Many plants in this genus exhibit strong medicinal and culinary qualities. Some of our favorite Artemisias include Artemisia douglasiana (Mugwort), Artemisia californica (California Sagebrush), Artemisia tridentata (Great Basin Sagebrush) and Artemisia dracunculus (Wild Tarragon).


On a more emotional and metaphysical level however, these plants mean so much more than their scientific categorizations. As Sagebrush and Mugwort paint silvery blue brush strokes across Southern California, they invoke a multi-sensory experience through their textures, tastes, scents, and songs, rustling up against their neighbors and wafting delicate perfumes through the wind. We are beyond thankful for their influence and inspiration as we remember and reactivate the inherent relationships found between human beings and all other beings. Residing and cultivating on Tongva land, we move with heart and intention.


Artemisia Nursery is a retail nursery in Northeast Los Angeles specializing in California native plants.

We also offer a selection of succulents, heirloom veggie and herb starts, house plants, pottery, and gardening tools and supplies. We are a worker-owned small business founded by friends and fellow plant enthusiasts Nicole Calhoun and Carl Harders, with plans to become a worker-owned cooperative as we grow. 

Artemisia Nursery is located at 5068 Valley Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90032 (Tongva Land).


We are open from 11am - 5pm every day but Tuesdays. We are closed on Tuesdays.

or contact us at:

(323) 795-5515

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